Welcome to Que-A

What do we do?

Very simply, we work with massive amounts of video to create:

  • Predictive Analytics – “what happened,” “what will happen,” and “what if?”
  • Machine Learning – Find, Fix, Track, Engage, Assess- all very, very quickly.
  • Putting structure – in real-time to video

We are in a digital universe where everything is being recorded.

High Definition video is being recorded at an unprecedented scale: YouTube™, social media live streaming, drones, camera phones, security cameras, small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), large UAS, military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)… and more. The accumalation of this video is as fast as it is vast.

The world is moving from big data to all data—structured, unstructured and contextual.

This makes it much harder to separate the signal from the noise, and you can’t get good insights from bad data. That’s why, in 2018, artificial intelligence will have a much bigger role to play in data preparation.  All of these sources are game changers in the world of capturing a new source of business intelligence. Que-A is the game changer in real-time video analytics, serving business intelligence at the click of a button.

Que-A, L.L.C.™ was founded to develop next-generation Analysis and Intelligence capabilities.

We analyze full motion video for Defense, Telco, Power, Mining, Agriculture and Transportation.

Que-A™ means to queue the analyst.

The problem with collecting and analyzing full motion video is the intensive manpower required to analyze, locate, metadata tag and correlate objects within each video frame. Que-A™ develops automated solutions to significantly increase awareness, confidence and offer effective and reliable models, reports, surveys and inspections of the industries we support.

Que-A powers awareness by applying our advanced computer vision algorithms to detect and classify objects with a high level of accuracy (97.5%) and computational efficiency meaning objects can be tracked, detected (“seen”), and classified (“comprehended”) from video feeds supplied by a multitude of sensor platforms.

Where Does Que-A™ Shine?

There are a multitude of applications upon which Que-A can thrive. Here are a few:

Smart City and the Internet of Things

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), an enormous amount of sensing devices collect and/or generate various sensory data over time for a wide range of fields and applications. Based on the nature of the application, these devices will result in big or fast/real-time data streams. Applying analytics over such data streams to discover new information, predict future insights, and make control decisions is a crucial process that makes IoT a worthy paradigm for businesses and a quality-of-life improving technology.  Beyond the big data analytics, IoT data calls for another new class of analytics, namely fast and streaming data analytics, to support applications with high-speed data streams and requiring time-sensitive (i.e., real-time or near real-time) actions.

80 percent of the content on the internet is visual. You can already start working out why image tagging might hold its place as king of the content table. Machine learning is creating better image tagging and recognition in an understated yet vital way. You may not initially think about AI’s ability to recognize images, but it’s an essential feature.

Drone A.I.

Drones are becoming an integral part of providing aerial inspections. Aerial inspections are big business for a reason. As well as providing a host of industry sectors with cost savings and new levels of efficiency, they are also saving lives by replacing risky practices. Plenty of previously dangerous infrastructure inspections such as cell towers; buildings and bridges, oil fields and pipelines are now being safely carried out with the help of a drone.

Drones are key to decreasing costs and creating safe missions by reducing the need for humans to climb the towers for manual inspections. They also increase productivity by reducing the time commitment required to inspect a cell tower when compared to existing methods. Add to that the knowledge and expertise to automatically generate analytical reports customized to your exact business intelligence (BI) model with a predictive maintenance solution and your business can begin to realize cost savings immediately. Day one.

Our Real-time analytics platform is based on multiple sets of self-learning algorithms that enable end users to:

  1. Make Slow Operational Decisions Real-Time

    Operational decisions are mostly, or entirely, structured, and are typically repeated many times. The point of real-time analytics is to respond to conditions as they are at the moment, not to process yesterday’s data or data from last month.

  2. Track the Results of Real-Time Decisions and Modify Rules and Analytics Frequently

    Most real-time operational decisions are repeatable. It’s important to track the results to make sure the models are working correctly and if necessary, modify rules and analytics frequently to get the right results for quick decision-making.

  3. Provide Multiple Personalized Views, But a Common Operating Picture

    Use this real-time intelligence to provide a common operating picture across the enterprise. Each person involved in a situation may have a personalized view specific to their role within the organization, but providing the real-time analytics across the organization ensures all involved have the same understanding of a situation.

  4. Quick Decision Making Capability

    Make Intelligent actionable decisions based on analytics being presented.


Que-A uses advanced algorithms to “queue” decision makers early to prevent threats to the organization from materializing. Que-A is a sophisticated tool to monitor and analyze behavior and activities in real-time and can adapt to changing risk environments. By integrating Que-A into your workflow you will be able to continually enhance your organization’s monitoring capabilities in areas such as regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Cell Phone Tower Inspection

Telecommunication Towers are the key ingredient in ensuring the success of Telecom Operators’ quality of service (QoS) and is an important determinant of a tower company’s success. Efficient management of these towers has a direct impact on bottom-line revenue and also significantly contributes to factors attracting new tenants and thereby helping the top-line. Telecom towers are often times in remote areas and spread over multiple geographies which can make efficient management a challenge. Until now.

The Que-A solution will enable tower management companies and cell tower lessee the opportunity to reduce the time of survey report creation, improve asset inventory quality, reduce cycle time, reduce repeated site visits, improve the accuracy of assets in technicians’ trucks, assets deployed to sites, decommissioned assets and reduce capital asset costs.

Our Partners

Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems
Integrated Operations, LLC
The Institute for Drone Technology