Full-Motion Video and PED Systems

Full-Motion Video and PED Systems

Unmanned systems raises new issues of artificial intelligence, communications, autonomy, interoperability, and manned-unmanned (MUM) teaming that can challenge current capabilities. These problems can get more serious as systems become more interactive and more automated. Failures often occur at the interfaces between system elements, in many cases, between interfaces thought to be separate. The exponential trends in software and network communications increasingly mean that many elements of a system can now affect one another. As systems get much of their functionality from software and multi-system interactions, complexity is no longer separate and distinct. Complexity is about the whole ecosystem.

As wide area persistence surveillance (WAPS) proliferates and activity-based analysis becomes the dominant thought paradigm in the intelligence community, experience and partnerships become critical. Veteran Data Solutions (VetDS) can provide the technical infrastructure to support end- to-end tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination of your intelligence.

Our solutions consist of validated FMV configurations from technology industry leaders that are currently supporting and focused on the DCGS, Intelligence Community, related programs and agencies. This is why our solution can adapt to the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data sources and provide completely new ways of thinking about knowledge management.

Solution Capabilities

  • Scalable to Multiple Petabytes
  • High-Bandwidth Capture and Analysis
  • Maximum Density for Longer Retention
  • Purpose built for Rapid and Reliable Deployment
  • Balancing investments in your program
  • Ultimate scalability for vertical and horizontal data management strategy
  • Robust, Survivable, Assured network communication capability
  • Orchestration
  • Robust access to imagery and FMV for the collection of Analysis, Production and Exploitation of Intelligence data

In addition to hardware and software, VetDS works with government clients to eliminate interoperability issues that can slow project success. Technical and engineering expertise, top-tier support and past performance history are why so many organizations have already partnered with VetDS for deployments, including: the U.S. Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca; Project Liberty; Warner Robins Air Force Base; the Air Force Targeting Center (AFTC); and Global Command and Control Systems (GCCS), among others.